Take the pain out of hiring


We know all about how painful hiring can be.

So we built Hireroom to painlessly test and match candidates with the right companies.

We have an average of 5 years tenure and 100% of candidates making it past the first 6 months. 

Save your time

Save your time

Create a vacancy, advertise your job and pre-screen candidates all on our platform. Using Hireroom you can pre-screen up to 100 candidates in an hour.

Save your money

Using the Hireroom platform yourself you can save at the least $220 in advertising, pre-screening costs and massively reduce the risk of mishiring.

Hire the right people

Hire the right people

To date Hireroom has a 100% success rate of candidates making it past the six month mark. By testing and aligning with a candidates motivations you can reduce the risk of hiring the wrong people.



From Linkedin's 2016 survey of hiring managers.



See social networks as the top source for quality hires

Our targeted search campaigns use a combination of social networks, social advertising and our unique Hireroom candidate network to reach all the right people.


Measure quality of hire through tenure

Our foundation of transparency and our post placement process provides a framework to set new hires up for long term success from day one.

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Measure quality of hire through performance

We think that measuring performance when hiring someone is crucial. That's why we make sure candidates can do the job before the first interview.


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