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The skill that separates the top business leaders from the others (and how to recognize it when hiring) 6 September 2017

Google 'top leadership skills' and the list of skills that appear are endless. Looking through them you feel that they cover every possible skill you could possess – from time management to organization, ambition, honesty, creativity, confidence and a positive attitude. 

It's almost pointless searching, right? 

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Decoding the one skill you need to take your career to the next level, in any industry. 23 August 2017


Across industries, there's one skill that separates you from the rest of the pack, and helps you to soar through the ranks.

This is the skill that differentiates the business leaders from the rest of the team, the ones who get the promotion from the ones who don't.

The skill? Strategic thinking.

Strategic thinking is one..

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Give them what they actually want: how to increase your staff retention rate 9 August 2017

The trend of decreasing worker retention rates has been amplified with millennials entering the workforce. This has come at a cost to organisations, who are scrambling to figure out how to increase their staff retention rates, because let's face it, staff turnover is expensive!  

But we've been searching high and low for..

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How to find the right match 13 July 2017

Finding the right match is hard. Matchmaking is a time consuming, costly endeavor - be it making friends, dating, finding the right career or hiring the right employee. When should you stop meeting people, changing careers or interviewing candidates? Simply put when is enough, enough?

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Can you test for culture fit? 26 June 2017

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Should you test technical positions? 12 June 2017

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The 3 Phases of an Essential Performance Review 1 June 2017


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Why Performance Reviews Matter 1 May 2017

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It's not you, it's your performance: Breaking up with bad hires 12 April 2017

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We Need to Talk About Labor 22 March 2017


John Maynard Keynes (the godfather of Keynesian economics) theorized that by 2028 we would all be working 3 hours a week, thanks to improvements in our technological capabilities. What Keynes did not predict was the contentious relationship between labour and capital (referring to a machine or piece of technology), and..

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